Several times a day I hear my son say the phrase,”Want Mama.” These words remind me that I am indeed wanted.

Isn’t that something we all desire? To be wanted.

I remember the first time I heard the song, “Wanted” by Dara Maclean. I was out for a run and tears started to fill up my eyes.

“You are wanted”—those powerful words were just what I needed to hear that day.

I know that I am wanted, but I forget it sometimes. Or I don’t believe it sometimes. Or the world tries to tell me something drastically different.

My sweet 2-year old tells me and shows me daily how much he desires my attention. My faithful Husband put a ring on my finger to show me just how much he wants me. My family and friends offer me encouragement to remind me that I do matter.

Even with all of that, why is it still a struggle to feel valuable some days?


We live in a broken, aching world. A world where we get hurt sometimes. A world where we face rejection sometimes. And our world desperately needs a Savior.

That Savior, His name is Jesus. And let me tell you something about HIM…

He wants you. He always has and He always will. He loves you, even when you don’t love Him back. He pursues you, even when you run in the other direction. He stands firm, even when your world is falling apart. He willingly died a brutal death on the Cross for you, because He wants you that much.

Even when it feels like no one else wants you, He wants you.

The Creator of this Universe; The One who made you; The One who knows you intricately; Your Heavenly Father who catches your every tear and loves you more than you will ever understand…

HE has a message for you.

You are wanted. So come as you are.



(C) 2013 Pocketful of Motherhood

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