I Am

I Am

Flashes of light peeked through the window as I was putting my son to bed last night. And thunder echoed in the background.

No raindrops that I could hear. Just a light show with music—God’s music.

The lyrics, they were comforting. Sweet reminders that He is still in control—always has been and always will be. Assuring whispers that He still holds the world in His Mighty Hands and He’s not letting go. Glowing truth that no amount of darkness can ever hide the Light.

Peace filled my soul. A sort of peace that passes all understanding.

My sweet boy dozed off. Peacefully sleeping.

As I made my way to the living room, the light show carried on. And the music, it kept playing.

When I peered out the window glowing beams lit up my every nook and cranny of my neighborhood. Flash after flash after flash. They just kept coming.

It’s as if with each bright flash and bursting note I could hear this:

I Am…

The Alpha and The Omega.

The Beginning and The End.

The Holy and Righteous One.

The Everlasting One True King.

The Shepherd to the lost.

The Defender of the weak.

The Healer to the wounded.

The Father to the fatherless.

The Giver of all things good.

The Hope for all of humanity.

The Way.

The Truth.

The Life.

I Am,

and I always will be.

A while later the streets were glazed with moisture. The rain calmly trickled down—“God’s sprinklers” as my son says.

Be still my precious daughter. Be still and know that I Am God. I hold the whole wide world in My Hands. I’ll make good out of it all.



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14 thoughts on “I Am

  1. I don’t say it often enough, but we are so blessed to have you in our family! I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Please give those 2 special men in your life a hug from Aunt Carolyn!

    • Thanks so much! My son loves it when our sprinklers come on in the morning. I think one time when it was raining my husband mentioned to him that those were God’s sprinklers. Now every time it rains my son says, “God’s sprinklers are running.” It’s priceless!

      And yes, to be still and know…is powerful and comforting.

  2. Such a beautiful way to describe God’s mighty work in creation! The part about the darkness can’t hide the light reminds me of Psalm 139 … “even the darkness is not dark to Thee.”

    • Thank you Heather. Bless your heart, I know what’s it’s like to spend 2 hours getting a little one down to bed. I’ve been there many times and it is exhausting. Motherhood can be such a mix of emotions and circumstances. God is revealing a little more of Him to me each day as I journey through motherhood.

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