To Really Follow Him

To Really Follow Him

What does it mean to follow Jesus? To really follow Him.

It means taking up your cross daily and walking the road less traveled.

It means choosing humility over pride and joy over defeat.

It means embracing the challenges that invade the comfortable corners.

It means keeping hope alive during the changing seasons of life.

It means looking different and soaring to heights others dare not go.

It means trusting that He is greater when fear echos around you.

It means loving the least of these and praying for your biggest enemies.

It means guarding your words, knowing the power that they hold.

It means accepting His grace when human motives drive your actions.

It means having peace that surpasses your understanding when the unthinkable strikes.

In means forgiving those who pierce your heart with throbbing pain.

It means living with eternal eyes that can see the needs of a hurting world.

It means quenching your thirst for more with His Love that satisfies.

It means clinging to your need for Him with each breath that fills your lungs.

It means risking for the sake of the Kingdom, daring to be brave and bold.

It means taking the wildest ride of your life with The One who holds the keys to Heaven.

It means dying to yourself so that you can truly live.

To follow Jesus. To really follow Him…

Letting Go 2It means that you are a changed soul. It means that you believe in the amazing power of His death and Resurrection. It means that His love lives in you and spills out of you like a gushing river.  It means that you love Him because He first loved you. It means that you accept your imperfections and yield to The Perfecter of your faith.

It means that you are free—not in the way the world defines free, but in the way His nail-pierced Hands bled for your eternal freedom. It means that you believe with every bone in your body that you are a child of The One True King. And it means that you anticipate with great hope the day when you will see the Face of The One who you now follow.

To really follow Him means that you have learned the art of letting go and letting Jesus guide your every faith-filled step. It means that you live with outstretched arms open to receiving the greatest gift ever given to mankind—Jesus. To follow Him is to know Him, and to know Him is the very core of your design. 

For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Matthew 7: 13-14 NIV



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8 thoughts on “To Really Follow Him

  1. Perfect, Hannah. And isn’t that verse at the end of your post something! It makes me so sad; my heart aches for the “many” who will never know the beauty of following Him. 😦 I feel so so blessed to have Him. XO

    • Thank you Valerie <3. I too am grateful to have Him and my heart also aches for others who don't.

      That verse in Matthew is one that has stood out to me for a long time and one I pay careful attention to since it was spoken by Jesus Himself—it has challenged me and at times I've struggled with it because I want everyone to experience the gift of being in relationship with Jesus.Yet I still have hope because God entrusts us to be His hands and feet. We can be the voice the world needs to hear. We can lead others to Him by leading them to His Love—the Love that first changed us. We can make impact and reach lost souls because Jesus is right by our side to help us do just that.

  2. Beautiful, Hannah! I get that question from those who aren’t Christians, but it would be well for Christians to answer this for themselves. I know it’s something I need to remind myself of everyday because there are so many things that distract me from what following Jesus really means.

    • Thanks Ai! This post challenged me as I wrote it. I need this reminder daily. The road less traveled is the harder road–I think that’s why it’s less traveled. Yet to walk with Jesus, to learn from Him, to be renewed by him, and to fall deeper in love with our Perfect Savior is the most beautiful walk we will ever take.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this! I especially like your words, “…Letting go is when you start believing that He knows best.”–that is so true!

  4. Hannah, you know how to speak so eloquently that one smiles and sighs and then realizes, “Oh, ouch, this is actually a really hard challenge!” 🙂 Thanks for this!!

    • Thank you Sasha!

      I sighed and smiled and shed tears as I wrote this. To really follow Him, is a challenge to us all, myself included. The comforting sigh of relief for me as I finished this piece was knowing that we are not alone as we walk the road less traveled. We have the Brightest Light and Greatest Hope holding our hand every step of the way. And He is full of grace. 🙂

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