Organizing Baby Clothing and Beyond {Free Label Templates!}


Little ones grow quickly and go through clothing even quicker. It seems like just yesterday my son was wearing 6-month clothing and now he’s already in 4T clothing—the time really does go quick! I’ve tried to keep his clothes semi-organized over the past few years as he’s outgrown clothes and moved up to the next size. Since we hope to grow our family, I’m storing them in case we might need them for future use.

They system I had going for storing my son’s clothes wasn’t working too well for me (a.k.a. piling them up in old diaper boxes)—so I decided it was time for a change. I switched over to large plastic tubs and did a more thorough job of organizing his clothing by size. To complete the project I made some corresponding labels. I made firetruck labels since I have a little boy and I decided to make a girl version too since I was in label-making mode. That way I have them in case I need them someday and I also wanted to share them here, knowing that many of you have little girls :).

clothing stacked

The plastic tubs make it easy to access the clothes because all you have to do is open the lid and pull out what you need. I’ve found that the labels stick better to some containers than others. They stick well to the clear plastic containers in the above picture.


Beyond just clothing…these tubs are also a great way to store other baby gear like blankets, burp cloths, bedding, and so on.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to store clothes for future use or if you’re looking for an organized way to pass along clothing to someone else—I hope you find these ideas and labels helpful!


The labels go up to 4T clothing and there are 2 different sets:

Firetrucks for Boys


Butterflies for Girls

You will need white shipping labels for printing. The labels I used were 3 1/3 x 4 inches and came 6 per sheet. Avery makes them but I used the slightly cheaper Office Max version. They are in Word Document form so that you can change the wording if needed. 



Boy Labels 0-12 months

Boy Labels 2T and Beyond

Boy Labels Blank

Girl Labels 0-12 months

Girl Labels 2T and Beyond

Girl Labels Blank


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10 thoughts on “Organizing Baby Clothing and Beyond {Free Label Templates!}

  1. Since we have 3 boys, organizing their clothes by size has definitely helped us instead of sorting through piles and piles of clothes. And you’re right, it’s an easy way to pass the clothes on to someone else. You can give them exactly what they need. I love the labels that you made!

    • Thanks so much! I can imagine that with 3 boys it’s even more important to organize clothing…sorting through piles of clothes is time consuming. In doing this I was also able to save space because I ended up with about 8-10 bins of clothing (and baby gear) versus the 10+ boxes I had before I organized (I had a lot of half empty boxes that were just taking up space)…so that was a plus too!

  2. All (and I mean ALL) of my kids’ clothing are separated this way. 😀 I printed the gender and size on regular paper and then use mailing tape (very strong) to attach to the containers. Mine are organized but yours are seriously CUTE!! And you’re so nice to make them available on your blog for others! Sharing on FB and Twitter!!

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