The Hope of a Little Girl

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Many years ago, a little girl enjoyed sitting in her child-size rocking chair. She would often hold and rock her younger brothers in this rocking chair—a chair which has been passed down in her family for several generations.

Today that little girl is all grown up. She is a mom, with a son of her own.

And that rocking chair…

Now lives in her home.

Her 2 year old son will occasionally sit in this chair and read books. Sometimes she pauses long enough to remember that she once was that little—and that even while she was young, her heart’s desire was to be a mom someday.

Her dream of being a mom came true. God honored the desire of her heart. She has experienced the blessing of holding her very own son in her arms and rocking him,in a much bigger chair.

Motherhood is a lot like she thought it would be. It is also a lot different.

There are joys and there are challenges. There are good days and there are exhausting days. There are smiles and there are tears.

Through it all, she believes what the Bible says:

Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from him.

~Psalm 127:3 NLT

Her son is a gift to her—one of the greatest gifts she has ever received.

She soaks in the joys of being a parent. She cherishes the sweet “I love you’s” from the mouth of her son. She is amazed at the many milestones he has reached, in just under three years. She is in awe that God would entrust the most amazing little boy, into her care.

She loves her son dearly—so much more than she can put into words.

Not every moment of parenting is easy for her though. There are days when she gets discouraged. There are days when she feels overwhelmed.

She knows that God never promised the road would always be easy. But He did promise that there is HOPE for those who believe in Him. And that HOPE— lives in her. That HOPE gives her the strength to rise above the things that fight to pull her down.

When the difficult days arise, she knows that she can lean on God. He is there to catch her tears and comfort her.

He is there to rejoice with her in the many good times too.

Her motherhood journey has really just begun. She imagines that there will be many wonderful moments ahead, and some challenging ones too.

But she will not let the trying times steal away the “gift” that God has given to her.

That rocking chair is a reminder to her—a reminder that she once was a little girl who hoped to someday be a mom.

And today…

When she gazes into her son’s big brown eyes, her heart rejoices with gratitude. She knows that the little life standing before her, is a gift from above.


To my sweet miracle Micah: If you read this someday, I want you to know that you are the child I always hoped I would have.  You are my gift from above that I waited for many years to hold in my arms. God has great plans for your life, and I am honored to call you my son. I love you now, and I love you always. ~Love, Mom


hannah(C) 2014 Pocketful of Motherhood and Hannah Bollinger


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