There is Nothing Insignificant About Raising a Child


My sweet, full-of-energy, 2-year old little boy keeps me more than busy. Yet there are days when I feel unproductive. Days when I get nothing checked off my to do list, but instead my list just gets longer. Days when I feel completely worn out and yet unaccomplished…like I got nothing done.

Are you a mom? Do you ever feel like that?

During my college years I had several Bible verses painted on my wall. One of them was:

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV)

I cling to this verse so much now that I am mom. It’s a reminder to me that even the smallest of actions, as insignificant as they might seem to me, are incredibly significant in the eyes of my Heavenly Father when they are done for His glory.

Children are a gift from God. As parents, He entrusts us to take care of the children He has given to us. It’s a high calling and a big responsibility. So why in the world would any mom ever feel insignificant? Especially one who lives and breaths the role of “mommy” each and every moment.

Well for one thing, confusing messages from the world can cloud a mom’s perception of what is valuable. There are no paychecks, promotions, special awards, or climbing the corporate ladder in motherhood.

Motherhood is often a very behind-the-scenes role. A role that involves things like sweeping up crumbs off the floor, kissing boo-boos, taking trips to the park and conquering overflowing piles of laundry.

If you are a mom, listen up. Those things matter. They may seem minute, but they matter more than you may realize.

There will be days when you don’t get a thing checked off your to-do list. Days when you don’t get to make that special meal like you planned, and instead have to serve a frozen pizza for dinner. Days when you have every intention to clean the house, but it’s even messier at the end of the day. Days when you don’t get to squeeze in that quick work-out during naptime. Those days will happen and on those days you may be inclined to think, ” I didn’t get anything done today.”

Don’t do that. INSTEAD, dwell on this…

The time you took to kiss your child’s scraped knee and hold them in your lap while they cried, reminded your child that they are loved.

The hour you spent with your child at the park, showed your child that their interests are valued by you.

The hours you spent caring for your sick child for a week straight, offered your child a sense of security.

The time you took to color and read books with your child, made your child feel cherished.

The time you took to snuggle with your child when they woke up early from their nap because of a bad dream, comforted your child.

You see…

You DID get something done today.

If you ask me,You didn’t just get something done—You got A LOT done.

The time you took to love, care for, cherish, help and comfort your child is time well spent. You are making a huge impact in the lives of those little ones and they need you!

Whether you are picking up Cheerios off the floor for the 20th time today or reading a bedtime story with your child, you can glorify God when you do those things. God sees your work. He appreciates your work, even when no one else does. You are doing Kingdom work. You are raising the child or children He has given to you. You are offering them love, security and guidance. You are planting seeds in their lives that will one day flourish. You are preparing them for the impact that they will make in this world.

You are doing something. You are doing more than something.

There is nothing insignificant about raising a child.

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6 thoughts on “There is Nothing Insignificant About Raising a Child

  1. Beautiful thoughts, dear one!!! I agree! You are doing God’s work – and doing it well. I pray that in the future, God will give you a “daughter in love” as wonderful as the ones that God gave me.

    • Thank you, I am blessed to be supported by such wonderful family! If there’s something I have been passionate about way before I became a mom, it’s kids. Motherhood is a valuable role that I hold very dear to my heart!

  2. Thank you so much for this encouragement! I have been feeling so discouraged this week and this is definitely what I needed to read. As a new SAHM, I do feel very insignificant to the world, but I’m remembering to focus on God’s truth and the eternal value of our children’s souls!

    Amy @

    • Hi Amy, Thank you so much for coming by and it’s a blessing to hear that this article was an encouragement to you! I’m sorry you’ve felt discouraged this week (I know the feeling) but what you’re doing as a SAHM is so valuable in the eyes of God. Keep resting in that truth, no matter what the world says. Even in just the few words you shared, I can tell that you’re a beautiful mama with a beautiful heart and the right priorities! Many Blessings, Hannah

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