DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub

sugar scrub displayIf you have been following along, you know that I recently shared two fun summer inspired sugar scrubs. In case you missed them you can find them here and here. Well, for something a little different yet still just as fun…the sugar scrub I’m sharing today is great for those much-needed relaxing moments and it’s a refreshing all-over body scrub.

My recommendation: fill up the tub with a warm bubble bath, and bring along this scrub for a relaxing experience.

sugar scrubs ing

Did I mention how easy it is to make? Mix together the above ingredients in a bowl…

sugar scrubs mix

Initially it will look somewhat runny, but the sugar will eventually absorb the liquid. Of course, you can adjust the sugar to liquid ratio for your preferences. Add a few drops of red and blue food coloring to make it purple {Less is better when it comes to food coloring and sugar scrubs}. Then package it in jar or container of your choice {just make sure it has a tight seal!}. And…

sugar scrubs finished

As I have said many times before, sugar scrubs make great gifts…and this one is no exception!




I found the recipe for this sugar scrub here.

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25 thoughts on “DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub

  1. I have some of my lavender blooming right now – if you would like to have some, let me know. This does look inviting!!!.

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    • Either would work. I would choose coconut, but if you use olive oil I would just use a light olive oil (not extra virgin). Since extra version olive oil has a strong smell, I think it would take away from the smell you are trying to achieve with this scrub. Hope that helps!

  4. I tweeked this recipe a little. Instead of lavender, i used any soap and it worked well! I onky tweeked it because i accidently picked up the lavender lotion! Lol

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    • It’s safe to use on your face, but it depends how sensitive your skin is. The baby oil would probably make your face a little oily, but soft. I would omit the food coloring or only use a tiny bit if you are going to use it as a face scrub. Enjoy!

    • The lavender smell comes from the Johnson’s bedtime wash but the smell is mild. Aveeno makes a bedtime wash too that says it’s infused with lavender and vanilla fragrances which you could substitute if you wanted to. If you want a stronger lavender smell you could add lavender essential oil. The nice thing about sugar scrubs is that you adapt them to fit your preferences!

  6. I made this for Christmas presents for the physicians in my clinic and they loved it!! I found some 4 oz mason jars by Kerr at Walmart and wrapped a festive Christmas ribbon around the top! It was very quick to make. I wish it had a stronger lavender smell (I’ll get some concentrated drops for next batch tomorrow). I also thought it might be more moisturizing after drying off. Any tips? Otherwise great! Thanks for the recipe!!!

    • Hi Taylor, I’m so glad you found this useful and that your co-workers enjoyed this as a gift! It is more on the mild side with the smell…adding lavender essential oil would help boost the scent. One thing that’s unique about his scrub is that the sugar really soaks up the liquid overnight so it should be a little runny when you package it. If you add too much sugar it will dry out. You could substitute a little bit of coconut oil or sweet almond oil for some of the baby oil. That might make it a little more moisturizing. 🙂 I also usually use some kind of a moisturizing lotion directly after I use a sugar scrub…just to seal in the moisture. I’m glad overall that it turned out good for you!

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