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Every glass surface in my home within toddler reach is usually smeared with child-sized fingerprints by the end of the day. Okay, I admit…this drove me a little nutty at first. I like to keep things neat and tidy, but every parent knows that it is utterly impossible to do so with little ones around. There are many occasions where I spend an hour cleaning the house, only to turn around five minutes later to find it messy again.

A few weeks ago, it was the the end of a long day. I was cleaning up the house as usual and noticing that the glass patio door that I just cleaned earlier in the day, was covered in fingerprints. Then I glanced over at the T.V. screen and yes—it was covered in fingerprints too. The glass doors to the fireplace…take a wild guess. Well, rather than immediately grabbing a bottle a of Windex and a rag to clean things up, I just paused for a minute.

Then it hit me…

Those were more than fingerprints.

They were reminders.

Reminders that I am blessed to have a little son roaming around.

Reminders that he leaves his marks not only around the home, but more importantly…forever in my heart.

Reminders that he is curious, full of life and eagerness to explore the world around him.

Reminders to cherish the moments while he is still little, because those those tiny fingerprints won’t be around forever.

Reminders that no matter how long or hard the day is, I have a precious little boy who I love terribly and he fills my home with more joy than I have ever known.

So yes. There are messy fingerprints around my home sometimes. But one thing is for sure…

They are so much more than fingerprints.


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12 thoughts on “More than fingerprints

  1. They are very precious… hold them while they’re little. Thanks for sharing your love Hannah! God bless you as you strive to serve Him in your heart and home…

  2. So true!! I used to be a cleaning maniac – then I realized it was making me anxious and not allowing me to appreciate the little things – like finger prints. One day they wont be there anymore and we will wish they were ❤

    • Me too, I like things to be clean but I never want it to take me away from enjoying my son while he is young. Little ones change our lives and our homes and they only stay small for a little while. Thanks for commenting and blessings to you!! Hannah 🙂

  3. Beautiful!! And what a great reminder to cherish our little ones. My {little} guy is growing up so fast, and I’m missing those precious moments when he was younger (although I’m loving the new stages, too!). :0)

    • Hi Juliet! They do grow oh so quickly…My son was about 10 months in that picture and now he’s just over 2 years old. It goes fast! Every stage is a little different and holds something new and exciting. 🙂

  4. Beautiful entry! Thanks for the follow, I look forward to reading more from you as well. Blessings to you and yours!

  5. What you are saying carries a lot of weight. Take it from an empty nester, you will miss the fingerprints, and the noise, and the toys everywhere someday! Fingerprints and toys on the floor will be around for a long time! I am glad you are enjoying the precious gift God has given you.

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