Grateful to be a Mama


My days are filled with “mommyhood” right now and it is nice to be encouraged by others as I walk through this journey. This is why I am grateful today to Ellie at New Creation Ministries for nominating me for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award.  She is so sweet and gracious to acknowledge my blog in this way. Her blog has encouraged me!

As a part of accepting this award, I am supposed to mention 3 things that I love about motherhood and then nominate as many other blogs as I want to for this award:

1) I love the amount of JOY my little one brings into my life. My son who is just under 2 years old, truly does radiate joy. He is so happy to be alive and it’s hard to not smile around him!

2) I love the way the journey of motherhood helps me to grow deeper in my faith. I am dependent on God, now more than ever, for guidance and grace as a seek to be the best parent that I can be.

3) I love that I have the privilege of being called “Mommy.” My heart still melts when I hear my son’s cute little toddler voice say that word!

I am choosing to nominate Beautifully Renewed for this award. She is a beautiful mama and I love the beautiful message she shares on her site.

Today I feel blessed to be a Mama and to have the readership of such wonderful people!

Many Blessings,

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8 thoughts on “Grateful to be a Mama

  1. I love your comment about the joy from children, their smiles are contagious 🙂 Thanks so much again!!

  2. Congratulations! You are just the kind of mommy I had in mind when I made the award. ❤ I love that you acknowledge your dependency on God for guidance with your little one. I have an 18 month old son and I adore his smiles and laughs!!

    • Hi Valerie, It made my day to hear from you! Thank you for creating this award…it was very special to receive!! What a Beautiful Mama you are too and how fun that our sons are very close in age :). Mine is 21 months old. I can’t wait to check-out your blog!!! Many Blessings, Hannah

      • I’ve tried to make it around to the different women’s blogs who received the award, because if other mamas are nominating them for it, they are pretty special! 🙂
        I’m so glad I found your blog. You sound like a beautiful wife and follower of Christ, as well. And THOSE you don’t find very often! ❤

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