DIY Pen Container

You know how sometimes when you go to places like the doctor’s and the check-in table has a container with pens that have flowers taped to them? Well, I decided to do something like this for my home. My craft baskets are full of random things so I gathered a few items from them. Then I picked up what I still needed at the dollar store. This project cost only $3.00 and took less than 30 minutes to complete…you can’t beat that!!

For this project I used:

a 16 oz. mason jar

river rocks

some pens

fake flowers

green pipe cleaners

side- cutters (a tool that works for cutting wire)

a glue gun

I found a bouquet of daisies (my favorite flower) at the dollar store.  I used a pair of  “side cutters” to cut-off individual stems (thankfully my husband has a lot of tools and these looked like they would do the trick). I made the stems about 2 inches long.

I cut five stems total but you can do more depending on the size of jar you choose to use.

Then I took a pen,  put a flower by it, took a pipe cleaner and coiled it around from top to bottom. I used a glue gun to put a tiny drop of glue at the end so that the flower and pipe cleaner wouldn’t slide up and down the pen.  I cut off any excess stem that was sticking out of the pipe cleaner.

I did 5 pens in about 5 minutes!

Then I filled the mason jar with river rocks (another dollar store find!). I took the lids off the pens and added the pens to the jar to complete the project.  That’s all there is to it…

Quick, Easy and Inexpensive!!!


(C) 2012 Pocketful of Motherhood


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